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The 3 Main Things Shippers Should Consider When Shipping A Car During The Holiday Season

Four years ago, working as a dispatch manager at an auto transport company I noticed something. I noticed something kept recurring each year around the holiday season, I noticed a trend. Our firm had 3 times as many cars waiting to be shipped.
Notwithstanding, auto transport companies make multiple pickups and drop offs and the scheduling is normally a challenge. Shipping around the holiday season, the industry as a whole face more headwinds than the entire year combined. The 3 main things shippers should consider when shipping a car during the holiday season are 1)The weather 2)Traffic patterns and 3)Driver shortages.

1) The weather; A significant part of the United States is now covered with snow and or it rains continuously. When this happens the driver’s personal safety and the safe delivery of his cargo (your vehicle) is paramount.

2) Traffic Patterns; The “Snow birds” as well as holiday travellers may change the normal flow of traffic which may have effects on the transit times on some routes as well as the increase or decrease in the cost to transport.

3) Drivers shortages; Many drivers take off for long periods of time during the holiday season to spend time with their families.

In summary, although the car shipping industry runs all year round, these 3 things must be considered when shipping a car during the holiday seasons. That is the weather, traffic patterns and the shortage of available drivers.

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