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4 biggests mistakes car shippers make

Neglecting to check reviews
It is very important to see what pass clients have said about a prospective Florida Auto Transport company before booking. We recommend checking their reviews on independent third party sites. You should only consider a company with numerous positive reviews. A company with no reviews may not provide the best service.

Paying a non-refundable deposit
Many auto transport companies quote low-ball rates or tell you what you want to hear to get your business and charge a non-refundable deposit of one hundred to a few hundred dollars. If they are unable to ship your car for the promised rate or on the promised date they simple come back and request a few more hundred dollars. Before booking, make sure any money paid before transport is fully refundable in the event that service is not rendered.

Believing that anyone will ship your car across the country for $400 .
Some companies will say anything to get your business but fail to meet your expectations. A driver will not pay you to transport your vehicle- a driver will simple not accept your vehicle and it will sit while you wait endlessly to ship your vehicle for the promised rate. It typically costs aroud $1,000 to ship a car cross country. Be very careful with anyone promising significantly less than these rates.

Trying to withhold payment from the driver at delivery, for any reason
When the vehicle reaches the destination, regardless of the condition, payment for freight services must be made. As per, the U.S. Federal Law Section 10761 of the Interstate Commerce Act (49 USC 10761). In the event that damage occurs en route,payment must still be made at the time of delivery if there is any balance due. Freight charges and insurance claims are two completely separate transactions and insurance claims will not be paid without first paying freight charges in full.

You may not even be able to file a claim until freight charges are paid. Withholding payment only makes things more difficult, not easier. In the event of any damage, make sure you mark all damages on the Bill of Lading, keep your copy of it, then pay the trucker any money owed, then you will be in a position to file a claim with the insurance company.

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