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5 most important Steps for Preparing Your Car for Shipping

When transporting a car the 4 most important steps to prepare your vehicle for easy shipping are:

1. Inspect your vehicle before shipping. Check for scratches, and dings to the body of your car. Check the interior for wear and tear on upholstery, and make sure that everything is intact. Take photos of the interior and exterior to be able to check properly when you meet your car on the other side of the trip.

2. If your vehicle has after-market products, for example – customized accessories like a spoiler kit, skirt, or under-carriage lights, secure or remove them prior to shipping to prevent damage.

3. Do not top off your gasoline. Most shipping auto transport companies prefer that you leave your gasoline at about a quarter of a tank of gas.

4. Disable all car alarms, and provide the transportation company with your alarm remote in the event that it hasn’t been disengaged fully. Also, provide any remotes for automatic starting on your car.

5. Before handing over your car to the driver, have him sign attesting to the condition he received the vehicle in and retain a copy for your records.

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