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The 5 Stages of Automobile Transportation

Years ago, I transported an automobile for the mother of a first year college student. This mother explained to me every step was an emotional rollercoaster ride. The quotes are all over the place, everyone is warning me to be aware of everyone else. “I just needed my daughter’s car delivered on time, safely and without issues” she stated. The next 5 articles will explain the 5 stages of transporting an automobile, which are:

1. Getting a quote:
2. Booking your order.
3. Preparing Your Vehicle to be transported.
4. Pickup and Delivery.
5. Tracking and Updates.

automobile transportation

Getting a quote.

A client wanted a quote to transport their 2009 Honda Civic. I called the client and was informed that I was his 7th call in less than 15 minutes. I asked was he expecting these calls to which he stated certainly not! He was relocating and a website told him they can give him a price to transport his vehicle and only needed a few details from him. After submitting his information he received an avalanche of phone calls, emails and text. Most clients do not know that these websites are marketing sites that are owned by lead providers.. Similar to when you inquire about purchasing insurance or purchasing a home. I apologised to him for the intrusion, told him we will take him off our call list and if he had any questions and wanted a quote he can give us a call or request a quote directly from our company’s website as we do not share client’s information.

They are only two (2) ways to get a quote to transport your vehicle, first is go directly to a trucker and the second is to use an auto freight broker. Going directly to the trucker would be close to impossible for an individual to locate a trucker that is driving on their route at the specific time they require and the novice auto transporter may also overpay or not take necessary steps to protect their automobile from inexperienced, unlicensed or uninsurance drivers.

Using a well experienced auto freight broker that is honest makes your life easy and relieves stress in the transport process. We do all the hard work for you by being the middlemen and facilitators of the industry. 95% of the companies you find on the internet are brokers who do not own trucks which is why the truck that picks up your vehicle doesn’t have the broker’s name on it. That said, good brokers build good relationships with truckers and can confirm their insurance and licensing are in good standing with the USDOT.

In conclusion, let’s take a real estate broker and a homeowner. Would you advise someone selling their home to save 6% in real estate broker’s fee and list their home themselves for sale? (this would be like directly contacting the truckers) In our experience, the overwhelming majority of home buyers/sellers would be better off using a real estate broker that knows the laws, regulations, have significant previous experience and a network of professionals that can be used to get things done.(this is compared to using an auto broker by providing a service). Brokers are great for communication and can get you competitive prices to transport your vehicle. We are at your service!

Gather information about your vehicle including the year, make and model of the car you need to ship, pick-up location and final destination. Do you have specific shipping requirements? Now to get a quote simply request a quote online from Onassisautotransportion.com and a shipping expert will contact you to discuss the specific logistics of your shipping requirements and provide the most competitive quote that will get the job done!

Stages 2 through 5 coming soon…….

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