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Auto Transport: How to Find the Right Company in Florida

Are you shifting to a new city? Or you want to ship your vehicle to a new city? If yes, then you should know how to find the right Auto Transport Company in Florida to complete the task for you, seamlessly. No doubt, there are many auto shipping companies and all most every company offers the same type of service. Other than cost and quality of service, the major difference between the auto transport companies is whether the company is a broker or motor carrier.
Motor Carrier: Know Your Auto Transporter
In the transport industry, carrier refers to the party that will physically transport your vehicle. Carriers have their own means of transportation and work under their own MC (motor carrier) authority and insurance. Commercial trucks carrying the cars on the roads or highways are carriers. A carrier needs to have insurance adequate to match the cost of the freight that they will be carrying. Also, a carrier must be registered with the U.S. DOT (Department of Transportation).
How the Broker Will Help You?
An Auto transport broker is a middle party that will carry out the transportation task by arranging the right carrier as per the details. These task details include various points, such as the type of vehicle that will be transported, pick and drop location of the vehicle, route, or any special requirements. It is to be noted that the broker can arrange the transport faster because they work in the auto transport industry and have access to the same industry and have direct contacts with the wide range of carriers. However, most of the brokers do not own any trucks and therefore, do not have any auto insurance. They make money off of each car they transport. Transport brokers are paid in the form of a deposit that is always included in the total cost of the transport. In most cases, the deposit is made before the vehicle is picked up.
The cost of the transportation plays an important role as it determines the type of service you will receive. When a broker receives your first call, they will call a carrier (which they already know) that runs on the route on which your vehicle will be traveling. Secondly, the broker will add your vehicle to the online load board, which is regularly viewed by the transportation carriers and brokers only. A carrier will contact the broker if the details of the load match the route he will be traveling along.
Choose the Right Auto Transport Company in Florida
The competition in the US auto transport industry is very competitive so. Therefore, while searching for the Auto Transport Company in Florida, you may come across a lot of information. First of all, you should know whether you are dealing with the broker or carrier. This knowledge enables you to receive better service and the right price. As mentioned earlier, usually every transport company offers similar service, transport. The major difference is in the customer service provided by the company. However, with the presence of the latest technological advancements, transport companies are providing better customer service as well as the quality of service.

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